2016.2017 Deadline – Thursday, September 1, 2016, 4 pm

All submissions must be on 8 ½” x 11” double-spaced, single sided pages of 11 or 12 pt font type with a total maximum number of four (4) pages allowed.

I.  Cover Page Information (one page maximum)

  • Agency name
  • Address
  • Contact person/title
  • Contact person’s phone number and email address
  • Organization website address
  • Organization mission statement
  • Major programs
  • Project name
  • Total funds requested
  • List any funds agency is currently receiving from JLB
  • Number of people served by project
  • Brief summary of proposal
  • Has your organization ever received Beeson funds?  If so, when and for what amount?

II.  Project Description (two pages maximum)

  • Name of project
  • Project’s mission – How does this project fit within the mission of the agency?
  • Community need – How will the community benefit from this project?
  • Specific issue this program will address
  • Project’s objectives/goals – Identify specific project activities that will accomplish these goals
  • Is the project ongoing? – Include possible future funding sources
  • Key personnel and their qualifications
  • List any other community agencies involved with this project or providing similiar services

III.  Financial Information (one page maximum)

  • Total project cost and itemized budget
  • Agency operating budget summary, including salaries
  • Status of financial requests from other organizations
  • Total amount of Beeson funds requested, date funding is requested and whether request is for a single or multi-year request.  If multi-year request, please specify the number of years, not to exceed three (3) years.

IV.  List of Current Board of Directors

  • Please note that the grant application must be signed and dated by the Executive Director and the Chairman of the Board.

The Beeson Committee will fund no more than seventy-five (75%) of the grant prior to a site visit by a member of the Beeson Committee and the receipt of documentation from the grantee evidencing expenditure of the allocated funds.  The remaining twenty-five (25%) of the grant amount will be retained until the Beeson Committee receives a report on the project.  Agencies that do not submit a progress report by May 15, 2017 or a final report within a year of grant distribution will risk forfeiture of remaining funds granted to their project.

Mail completed applications and all copies or drop off by the JLB building at the address below:

Leigh Haver

Beeson Community Fund Chair

Junior League of Birmingham

2212 Twentieth Avenue South

Birmingham, Alabama 35223

DEADLINE – 4 pm Thursday, September 1, 2016